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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  September 3, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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♪ rit now homicide investigators are plning to search this pittsburgh landfill for a man they believe may be the fifth victim in a murder spree. those picture live. they're looking for fredick salas that disappeared last weekend. his father and three women were murdered and police are working on the theory one man killed them all. terry mcsweeney is live at that
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landfill. >> the search for the body of frederick salas beig coordited just over that hill behind me. 25 people are goin to be searing for the decomposg body. among 3,000 tons of garbage. this is where searchers hope to find the body of a man who has not been seen since one of his house mates saw him last thursday morning in hercules. the son of murder victim 73-year-old rick salas, his body found saturday morning in that same house. their common denominator, another house mate, valdamoro. >> we're getting word fromhe fire distri. there will be numerous volunteers a well as investigators assiing with the search today. >> the 3,000 tons of trash searched today covers approximately one acre. general manager rick king describes the terrain. >> the tiing area's dirt over garbage.
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it's very solid. the garbage itself is compacted in place and they'll be searching through that as we support them with our equient as best we can. >> he said the search could take two hours or two days. poli are here because trash from the hercules business park comes here. a business park where a cadillac escalade was found, an s.u.v. belonging to one of the two women whose body was found in vallejo. >> we found the escalade in the business park. we know the suspect valdamoro at one point worked for secity for a business there in the business park so he has ties as wells is the crate murrel home is within minutes of that location. >> investigators confi they found a mache near the business park but do not believe it has anything to do with this case. cindy tran, one of the members of the salas famy may have been seeing her. how the two in valjo tie into
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this is anyone's guess. >> the garbage is searched by a crew of 25 people for the remains of a body. and police would love to get ahold of the remains of that body because soany people tied to this case have been kild already. valdamoro, the main suspect, killed by chp officers after he killed tran. there is one surviving tie. we're gonna hear aut that momentarily. investigators would love to get ahold of this body for possible evidence leading to a conclusion how this all ties together. >> terry, thank you. the huand of one of the two other victims belied to be linked to this bizarre crime spree will make his appearance. police arrest rittenhouse after they searched his vallejo home earlier this week. they say he was living with the bodies of his wife and her
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friend. all three people are said to be acquaintances of this murder suspect, valdamoro. police won't speculate what rittenhouse planned to do with the explosives found in the home or wheth he has anything to do with the womes deaths. also in vallejo a public memorial service held at the sal lan where the suspect's girlfriend cindy tran worked she was found strangled to death after valdamoro was shot and killed by the chp. the memorial begi at 7:00 tonight at the glen cove shopping center. plans to raise a crashed airplane from a lagoon in redwood shores. all three people on board were killedhen it crashed short lit after takeoff from san carlos airport. only one bodhas been recovered so far. vic lee is near the crash senior with t very latest for us. vic? >> eric, the recovery team is here ready to begin operations to remove the bodies and the wreckage from the waters of the lagoon. they are meeting now, making final plans.
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you can see their boat which is ready to be launched on that dock behind me. the plane is actually on the other side of this lagoon. there are two bodies believed to be inside the wreckage of the plane. they are robert boreman, owner of the twin engine beech 65 queen air. he's the president of a local steel compy and a decorated pilot during world waii. the other person is his pilot who is name has not been released, the body of a passenger believed to be his girlfriend was retrieved from the waters yesterday. her name also has not been released. it was airborne only about 30 seconds before crashing sometime around noon yesterday after taking off from san carlos airport which is about a mile from here. horrified witnesses say the plane began spiralling to the right and it headed straight down into the water narrowly missing one of the buiings here by about 20 feet. here's sergeant james stony of the redwood city police department. >> the recovery team has just
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arrived on-site. we're going to meet with them, figure out their plan and raise the plane and bring it to shore. once is brought to shore, the coroner will recover the bodies on the plane, believed to be on the plane. once that's done, the scene will be transferred to the ntsc, the plane will be recovered and stored. >> so it is still unclear at this moment whher the ntsb investigator will come here directly from seattle or whether they will go to sacramento as you just plane, the wreckage wi stored in a warehouse there for evidence collecting. that's the very latest from redwood shores. vic lee, a 7 news. >> vic, thank you very much. a pilot managed to walk away despite the fact his crop-dusting helicter crashed on highway 101 in salinas this morning. it flipped over. it happened near airport boulevard just after 6 a.m.. the debring has been moved and all the lanes are open again. the helicopter had just taken
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off from salinas airport. the pilot almost immedtely became disoriented by the fog and lost control that's when he crashed on the highway and nearly hit a truck. >> the big rig driver said this helicopter just fell from the sky in front of him. and he was able to avoid it by about 5 feet. >> even though the pilot walked away from the crash, he was taken to the hospital after complaining of head pain. the helicopt is normally used for spraying pedestrian sides over farms but today it wasn't loaded with any chemicals. the faa is investigating the crash. the coastuard has safely rescued four adults and three children stranded overnight in a boat in sassoon bay. it ran aground near shallow waters north of concord around 10:30 last night. the group set out on the boat sometime after sunset yesterday but ran out of fuel. the coast guard use aid shallow water vessel to rescue them. nobody aboard was injured. a major bay area bank announces dozens of job openings in two bay area counties.
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still ahead, we'll show you who's hiring. plus hurrine earl is leaving behind a big mess along north carolina's outer banks the storm is weakening but the threat is far from over. and the long-running pracce meant to relieve pain for
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a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit the south island of new zealand a short time ago.
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at this point no tsunam warning. it was 20 miles west of christ church. it was 21 miles deep andhere are initial reports of items being thrown from roof towers. hit 3:45 a.m. local time shaking thousands of residents awake. president obama welcomed today's better than expected jobs report even though it was rather dismal. he said he'll roll out new plans next week to spur the economy. private employees added 67 now jobs, better than the econists predicteded but rose from 9.5 to 9.6 because the government let part-time census workers go. president obama spoke this morning om the white house rose garden. >> that's why we need to take further steps to create jobs and keep the economy growing, including extended tax cuts for the midd class, and investing in the areas of our economy
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where the potential for job growth is greatest. >> the president with his economic team sayless he'll discuss that hoping sma business is a priority. san francisco-based wells fargo announced has 50 jo openings in alameda and contra costa counti. if you're looking for a job, the next abc 7 and california job journal job fair is tuesday september 28th at the hotel wit come in san francco. runs from 11:00 to 3:00. for more information go to look under "see it on tv." hurricane earl sideswiped north carolina's outer banks early today and is nowñr heading towas cape cod in massachusetts. earl flooded the vacation islands but tre was little damage and nobody was hurt. it has dropped to a catery one hurricane down from a powerful category four just a day ago. it knock out power and close a bridge between the islands and
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the mainland. >> we dodged a bullet. purely and simply north carolin dodged a bullet. we're glad that bult is now out of our state for the most part. >> earl is expected to reach new england te tonight passing close to cape cod, nantucket and martha's vineyard. many airlines allowing holiday flyers to change holiday plans because of earl. you should check with your specic airline for information rebooking deadlines. you check up to the minute delays or cancellations by going to the abc 7 flight tracker at the bottom of ou home page, mike is ahead with the forect. >> let's take a look outside and see what is lurking at the coast. i didn' think that was the shot we were getting. sorry. (laughter) >> thought it was going to show the fogand the cooler air coming our way with the fog. we'll talk about how that will
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chan from today's heat and poor aiquality. >> surise, surprise, surprise. a family pet stolen sev years ago is finally found but a certain rule is stopping the owner from a happy reunion with her pet. and the video that sparked outrage around the globe. e . they found another adversarto defend, islam. and then: the god of isl, in the koran, makes it very clear that anybody who doesn't submit to e will of allah should be killed. next time on... now it integrates your work e-mail, so y can be hooked up to everything you need to do. noit does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard.
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tuing you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing thnew droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of ds.
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♪ travelers preparing to hit the road this labor day weekend
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as the summer travel season comes to a close. aaa predict 4 million people in this state wiltravel 50 miles or more this weekend. that's an 11% increase over a year ago. these are live pictures of highway 1 going to monterey. 3.5 miion people will be going by car. gas prices will be down 7 cents a gallon over the past month. the world's largest travel website trip advisor says the top destinations are carmel, sacramento and big sur. we have fog lurking. we promise. >> we're going to show you in a minute. since you were talking about travel, i thought we'd start with the california travel forecast to show you how today thin are pretty quiet. you know how the fog is around big sur, 75. inland around the central valley, upper 90s to low 100. why don't we head up to lake tahoe. lake tahoe is goingo t sunshine and temperatures
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dropping from 78 today to about 71 monday. and still hot around yosemite, 104 tomorrow all the way down to 96. let's go outside and show you that camera shot that we bant -- wanted to from emeryville. almost a postcard picture. look around from sutro. going to look fro sutro and show the bay area. san francis. anything? all right. then let's move on -- there it is. the fridayitters before the holiday weekend. beautiful picture. let's talk temperatures. 55 half moon bay, 64 oakland, mid-70s san jose and you can see about 87 degrees in antioch. all right. let's talk about monterey bay. watsonville, 79 gilroy. look at these temperares. how much cooler than 24 hours ago from nearly 20 degrees in san francisco to 13 in oakland
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and sunnyvale to 12 in santa rosa, 11 concord. you can see the sea breeze is back. we'll still have hot temperatures in the east bay valleys. spare the air day in the santa clara valley. could have poor air quality this afternoon. the bay and the coast, you saw the wind shift and the cooling it's bringing. the cooling will spre everywhere over the weekend south bay mid to upper 80s most neighborhoods. san jose 86. these highs run from about 7 to 14 degre cooler than yesterday. millbrae and san meo the mid to upper 70s. low 80ss rest of the peninsula. mid-60s along the coast, 69 downtown san francisco. over to sausalito, about 72. pockets of sunshine, mid-60s at your beaches. mid topper 70s from richmond to san leandro. low 80s the rest of the east bay shore. low to mid-90s the east bay valleys for today. ace few low 90s hanging around morgan hill. 71 monterey, abou 72 santa
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cruz. got a game and a special game not only because the a's are playing the angels but also because you can see fireworks after the show. pretty comfortable. tonight notice the cloud cover. more widesead and the temperatur cool, low to mid-50s in the north bay alorning the coast and mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures drop about 4 to 8 degrees tomorrow and about another 4 to 6 degree drop on sunday. a brief warming trend on moay and then even cooler weather straight from russia, alaska for next week. >> more news for you. a san fransco woman's seven-year search for a stolen dog ended last week but befo she could get to the vet's office to pick it up, the dog was given away. mary got a call the middle of the night last tuesday that her dog had been identified through a microchip. before she could get there, the
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dog was gone. mary talked to the young man who found her dog on the phone. >> he said i found your dog. i love your dog, and i'm not giving your dog back. >> because the people have had the dog more than 30 days, unr the law it was their dog. >> does that make sense to you? >> it doesn't but i'm bound by it. >> what most use as a general rule of thumb. >> the clinic is not release the name of the south san francisco man wh now has the dog. she'll he to get it through a court subpoena sugar is not an speculative pain relief treatment for newborn babies and doctors should stop the practice. sucrose may even cause damage to their brains. a tiny amnt of sugar is given after medical procedures such as injection.
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babies continued to feel even after sugar. we have a update on this toddler. you may remember a two-year-old indonesi child with a two pack a day smoking habit. his father said he threw violt tantrums when he didn't get the cigarettes. when it hi, it drew lots from around the world. the government said ey would help and said the child has kicked the habit. friday's perfect pet for you. you might have heard the
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deep insidthe third reich a small group of men joiforces to end the nazi reign of terror. their leader-"he had foreknowledge, it was almost like a prophetic pastor dietrich bonhoeffer. "i beeve it was a prophetic insight." "and it cost him." "it always does." but behind the humanitarian aid... lies a hidden agenda of fear, politics, and power.
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today on oprah at 4:0 singer christina aguira, live at music hall. the unexpected overcrowng problem at one marin coun school district. some students are being transferred and parents are furious. we'll hear from officer todd young's wife and get an update on his condition as he recovers from being shot while serving a warrant in oakland. those stories and more at 5:00. mike, who's your friend? >> got two of them today. probably o you recognize. how aryou? >> i'm fine. i'm doing well, thank you. having fun with the cat here. >> i don't blam you. >> and oscar s. friendly. >> s. foro friendly.
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>> he actually is. very calm. most cats we bring in here they're kind of freakin' out and having a hard time dealing with everything but he's doing great. >> i believe he knows he was meant to be a star. >> is that what it is. >> yes! (laughter) >> if someone wants a star they should know about oscar is oscar is three years old -- as you can perhaps see, he's a fairly good size guy. >> he's long. >> not bad, just a long guy. he is fiv positi. this does not mean he couldn't live a very good nice, long life but we would want two thin. would like him to be an indoor cat and itould be better if he lived with other fiv positive cats. he does get along with other cats if someone had an fiv positive cat, oscar would be a good addition to their home. if they didn't have any cats, he would have a wonderful addition to their home. believe me when i say the "s"
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for so friendly is true. he's sux a friendly guy. i think he would make somebody happy to have them in their home. >> let's see if we can find oscar a home. if you're interested call the oakland spca. thank you for coming in in. >> my pleasure. >> hopefully we can have good news for oscar like clipper. we found south wednesday that clipper was adopted and found a home. >> great news. >> we'reonna try to follow up on every perfect pet we have from now on and let you know exactly what happenso them. hopefully you'll let us know next week. >> absolutely. >> that oscar gets adopted. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you. enjoy your holiday weekend. >> same to you guys and same to you out there.
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